Mar Yosip Parish Sunday School

Welcome to Mar Yosip Parish Sunday School

We are pleased and honored to be the Sunday school teachers for Mar Yosip Parish. Children ages 5 years old to 12 are welcome to join us every Sunday for worship. Our Sunday School lessons vary based on our program however our goal remains the same at all time, teaching your child to draw closer to the Lord and teach them all about their Father in Heaven.

In Mar Yosip Sunday school our aim is to teach your child the following
1. The basics of attending church such as
  a. When you enter the Lord’s house you must cross yourself
  b. To remain quite in church unless you are participating with the choir in singing hymns
  c. Learn to say Our Father in Heaven prayer in Assyrian
  d. Learn how to receive the Holy Eucharist as appropriate to their age
  e. Learn how to properly dress for church
  f. Learn all the hymns sung during services
2. Teach the bible lesson and how it applies to their daily lives
3. Address any questions or concerns from a biblical perspective
4. Have fun while we learn more about our Father in heaven and how to worship Him

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Mar Yosip Parish Sunday School
Mar Yosip Parish Sunday School