Upcoming Events

Mar Yosip Parish 2023 Calendar of Events is now available. Please Download a copy of this calendar, and mark your calendar with these events.

You could also download Mar Yosip Google Calendar and add it to your calendars on your smart phone.

10/8/2023 - Dukhrana d’Mar Youkhana

Dukhrana d’Mar Youkhana will be celebrated after Raza Qaddisha. (more)

10/30/2023 - Rogation of St. George the Martyr

Rogation of St. (more)

10/31/2023 - All Saint’s Night


11/5/2023 - Dukhrana d’Mar Gewargis

Commemoration of Saint George the Illustrious and Triumphant Martyr Dukhrana d'Mar Gewargis will be held following the Holy Liturgy. (more)

11/17/2023 - Thanksgiving (Appreciation) Dinner

Mar Yosip Parish Thanksgiving Appreciation Dinner. (more)

12/17/2023 - Christmas Bazaar


12/24/2023 - Christmas Eve Vigil (Shaharta) & Raza Qaddisha

Christmas Eve Vigil (Shaharta) at 8:00pm. (more)

12/25/2023 - The Holy Feast of Nativity of Our Lord - Christmas Day Holy Qurbana

The Holy Feast of Nativity of Our Lord. (more)