Mar Narsai Malpana Assyrian Language School

*** Please download the registration form and take it with you to Foxworthy Baptist Church to register on site.

You would need to download Rules and Waiver forms, sign them and return them to the school staff on the first day of school.

(View Principal's message in Assyrian.)
I am truly honored and humbled for having the opportunity to server as the principal and a teacher, at Mar Narsai Malpana Assyrian Language School. Together we’ve learned, talked, laughed, and shared experiences that will long remain with us in the years to come. We are extremely fortunate to have some wonderful volunteer teachers, staff, as well as dedicated parents who sacrifice their Friday nights in order for our kids to learn the Assyrian language. I commend all of you for such a commitment.

Maintaining our language is critical to our identity. Fostering the Assyrian identity into our children must start at an early age. As our beloved late Patriarch, Mar Dinkha IV has reminded us many times, "As a living Nation, the members of every Assyrian family should speak the Assyrian language, wherever they are.” Therefore, it’s our duty to speak with our children in Assyrian and instill our traditional values in them. As a school, we take pride in our commitment by offering the noble service of teaching our beautiful language.

It is my deep belief that the hallmark of a great school is to continuously work to improve learning for each and every child. Despite the challenges and at times shortcomings that we experience at our school, I tend to look at the bigger picture which is gathering as a community under one roof with the goal of learning our language and spending time with our fellow Assyrians.

I take this opportunity to congratulate all students for their efforts! Please do not hesitate to invite your family and friends to join our school. I look forward to seeing you all next school year!

Tomy Doomany
Mar Narsai Malpana Assyrian Language School

Tomy Doomany